• ddpowell

    November 7, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Thanks Mike, the issue is mainly space – our biggest room barely lets me move a couple of feet from the climb object and that’s after i remove the coffee table from the lounge area ha!. she’s one massive pup so just her takes up a fair space and usually she doesn’t want to move off the climb object and is content watching me as i walk within a couple of feet her hoping she’ll step off!! I could do it outside but she gets too distracted in the park at the moment.

    Is there another exercise that doesn’t require the space i could also start on? I’ve started saying ‘stop’ when she begins to pull ahead on walks – i say ‘stop’ and then give her a second to pull up, if she doesn’t i say ‘nooo’ just before i stop in my tracks and she obviously gets a correction if she keeps walking because i’ve stopped. Today we were walking along and i said ‘stop’, and then ‘noooo’ as she continued to move ahead and sure enough she wheeled around and came back beside my leg before she hit the end of the lead! Is this teaching her a predictable chain reaction from the command? The difference i could see is that i’m not sure if i’ve really given her the opportunity to learn what ‘stop’ means.

    Please tell me if i’m way off the mark in my dog-logic here and if you have any other suggestions to start the predictable chain?