• Teresa Stanczak

    August 17, 2011 at 2:08 am


    You can practice the climb command on any raised surface (bed, folded up blankets etc) as long as it is distinctly different from the surface of the floor. It should not be too confusing to use the bed as a climb unless the “bed” command is also a fairly new command. In this case to avoid confusion you could teach climb on a neutral object , like folded up blanket. Once the climb command has been taught on one object you can help your dog generalize the command by practicing on new objects. Keep in mind, since you have taught your dog climb on the divider (and you will be asking climb on a completely different surface for the first time) you may have to go back to step one of the climb command (leading on with treat) for a few repetitions if your dog seems confused by the new object.