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  • ILuvMyHounds

    August 1, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    These are good videos, Mike. I have enjoyed the instructional videos on Obedience in a nice controlled environment, with people and their pets who have been working hard behind the scenes prior to the taping of such videos and I really love the dog suit and your method to teach us in a manner that is fun (helps with boredom and becoming disinterested) but I mostly appreciate the real world videos where we can see professionals rehabilitating dogs with behavioral problems using your techniques. Providing your subscribers (clients) who have come here to deal with aggression problems with more videos that can be watched in order to learn the proper (person’s) response/handling and being able to see the dog (and his body language), is an invaluable tool. Things that one cannot pick up in text, no matter how many times it is re-read. I’ve seen a few videos of yours on y*utube addressing problems, but do you have any plans to upload any more of these specific types of videos (rehab work) to this site or y*utube anytime in the near future? Hope so!!

    And I do have pairs of toys and do already use your methods described and seen in one of the videos above. I use treats to get my dog to release the fuzzy toy on the pole and do my best not to let him drive it into the ground, but due to him being sooo low already, sometimes I am not as quick as he is, so I will have to use the treat to get him to release. I notice you use the word “out” as opposed to “leave it”, which I think I will discuss over in the obedience section in another post. Thanks again for your wisdom and the videos! More please! 🙂