• Shannon Hargis

    June 11, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    Good job on all the activities you are doing with your Australian Shepherd! This breed has very high energy needs, as you have already found out! They can handle as much activities as you give them and still want more! Playing fetch, tug, walking and obedience training are all very good outlets! Good job! Fetch tends to be the easiest one because all you have to do so stand there. Obedience work does wonders in draining his mental energy. During down time I would give him a Kong with treats that are difficult to get out. There are many other dog toys that require intensive chewing or problem solving on order to get treats out. A good chew on a beef bully stick or reindeer antler also helps.

    It’s very normal for a puppy (especially of this breed) to have tons of energy! A lot of maintenance is necessary at this age!(for example, using the crate when you aren’t able to watch him)

    Because he is so young his joints and growth plates are very vulnerable. The best type of exercise for puppies is off leash on soft ground (dirt, sand, grass). This way he can run and stop as he chooses. Running and biking with him on leash on hard ground (sidewalks, road, concrete) should be avoided until he is 1 year old. At this age his growth plates will have hardened and more intense exercise can begin.

    Keep watching all the videos on training if you haven’t finished them yet. Eventually working on long durations of “place” will be a good exercise to teach him self-control. Good luck! 🙂