• dragonspirit35

    February 11, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Update the food issue is getting better she still charges you when you have it but I am now working the same ritual we do with our other dog Jasper she has to sit before the food gets put down then affection from us before she is allowed to eat. The house training is on going but with your tips I am confident it is going to get better. Now it’s time to take her to get her next round of shots. I am watching all the training videos. Also she is actually chewing her food now instead of swallowing it whole. She is doing well with sitting, and our recall. Are there any foundation trainers in Indy?

    Side note my other dog Jasper( mutt but definitly some sort of shepherd or malinois mix) we have been able to get him to be calm when people come in the house and mouthing. He is very well behaved with me my thought is I haven’t done much training with distraction and that might be the weak link.