• Jose Moreno

    February 10, 2012 at 8:27 am

    My thoughts….

    Number 1: Crate train her and keep her on a potty SCHEDULE. Pattern her poop/pee times in the morning right after waking up, after she eats and before bed. Remember, owning a puppy is like having a baby; youre gonna have to put in the work. Put her on a regular potty schedule. Number 2: If shes free in the house she must be supervised. Otherwise shes in her crate. That way theres no sneaking to her favorite spot behind the couch where she knows youll never find her lil “presents”. Number 3: Once the pup is old enough feedback becomes crucial. If, and only if, you catch her in the act the “dog gods” should rain down environmental corrections in the form of squirt bottles, or a startling noise to stop her in the act. Then you take her outside and praise for peeing outside.
    I personally dont like bell training. Many dogs will learn to abuse the bell and start ringing whenever the want to go outside rather than use the bathroom.

    Good job on the hand feeding. I would advise to do some handling exercises with her as well so she gets used to being handled by ppl.

    Jose Moreno