• Teresa Stanczak

    February 17, 2012 at 3:15 am

    Yes, I agree. Once Jasper has learned his commands without any distraction, then you will want to practice with distraction. I would recommend following the videos through each phase with him. Phase 2 will help increase reliability.

    Aside from obedience , make sure no one gives him any attention when he is mouthy or jumping at the door. Any attention even negative attention such as pushing him off of you can be reinforcing. Once he is showing calm behavioradk him to sit and then greet him.

    Restless spirit is another thing to consider. If he is easily excitable , make sure you give him proper outlet for his energy on a regular basis. Especially before company is coming over. This will help set you both up for success.

    It’s great that you are so interested in training. You and your dogs will be thrive because of it 🙂