• Jose Moreno

    January 9, 2012 at 7:13 am

    I dont think teething would add to her stress. But, Teresa is a vet science major though she would know for sure.

    Since the imprinting phase has come and gone, and the fearful behaviors are instilled I would work on solidifying the obedience in a distraction free environment. Then start the slow process of desensitizing. Remember to go slow. Work the obedience from a distance far enough to keep her from reacting and gradually work closer and closer to the distractions/stimuli. If she reacts fearfully, be patient, go slower, and further the distance a bit until she is comfortable and working through the obedience calmly. Start socializing and recreating her associations with people and make them positive positive positive. Shes still a pup so the sooner you tackle this issue the easier itll be.

    Again, im not, foundation certified so thats just my two cents as a supporter of the style 🙂