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  • Teresa Stanczak

    July 28, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Hi and welcome!

    The muzzle is a great tool for helping to teach bite inhibition. It removes the option of the bite completely and therefore gives you an opportunity teach and reward other behaviors. Growls or quick snaps should not be corrected as long as they are appropriate. Growling gives you a gauge of how he is feeling and the snap is appropriate as a warning to other dogs. Solid obedience gives you and Bob more tools in situations. For example being able to call him away from another dog, and have him sit/down, or heeling past another dog.

    Teaching “leave it” and “easy” are things that we have used for avoiding conflict between dogs.

    “Leave it” is meant to be a do not engage command : no eye contact or physical interaction

    “Easy” can be taught and then used to precede something that the dog may find uncomfortable or not like, such as posturing from another dog etc. The goal with this command is that it can teach the dog more tolerance. To start this command you would work using something that the dog likes, typically petting. Say “Easy” then immediately follow with a pet, then praise and treat.

    I would definitely recommend working with the muzzle and at least the leave it command.
    When you start to engage him with other dogs have him on a leash and muzzled. A retractable leash can work nicely for this purpose. Use one dog at a time, probably the dobies first. He did seem a bit concerned about the other bully sniffing him in the video that you posted. Continue to praise him for positive responses and interaction.

    It is not possible to predict whether he will have to always wear a muzzle, time and training will tell.

    Keep us posted!