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  • Michael D'Abruzzo

    August 2, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    It sounds and looks like he is worried that he has no where to hide the bone. Obviously worried someone or dog is out to get it from him. This would make him more prone to resource guarding. Best way to deal with it is to give him these treats in places where he feels secure with you near by so he sees that you are there to provide not take. Dont give him things like this around the other dogs. Basically follow the rules in “pack structure” in the self help section and the “establishing the relationship” article in the aggression rehab section and this should get much better. Also, if he knows to eat these things when he gets it or else it wont be around anymore when he hides it, it is more likely he will just eat treats when he gets it. Again, the way to do this is to follow the rules in the section i outlined above.

    What i meant by “lock out in prey” is that when he gets into a fight he shifts over into prey mode even when a dog is (i am assuming) submitting, instead of shifting back down into a defensive state and ending the fight. Check out this link: Aggressive behavior in dogs.

    Normally a dog should be toggling between defense (when defending) and fighting (when challenged). He hasn’t shifting back down to defense when no longer being challenged. Instead goes in the opposite direction to “prey”.