• Mathew Vandart

    August 8, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Ok the behaviourist from the local rescue centre came over yesterday and assessed Bob.
    She played with him and did some tests and put him under a bit of pressure with herself (human) and a dog.
    She was happy that he was not going to bite a human, she also came the conclusion that Bob is not dog reactive but she has advised me to keep him muzzled when interacting with my other dogs for at least a month and make a decision from there.
    She was very impressed with the way ‘Bob came to check in with me’ on a regular basis and with my control over bob when he got a bit excited.
    This Behaviourist is a Lady I trust alot, she has been in spain for the time I have had Bob which is why I have been all over the internet and on the phone finding advice, I would have just gone straight to her.
    Best bit was it was all free! because I spend alot of my time helping out down there walking the dogs and training them basic skills to help them find new homes.
    I know I aint out of the woods yet and I am not gonna just go’ there you go Bob go play’
    But I am really happy about it and a bit relived also.
    I am still going to look to move Bob on to a new home though, I just don’t think Bumpy is gonna get on with him ever.