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  • Mathew Vandart

    August 3, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Awesome thanks loads for that information I really appreciate it, I understand fully you all work, and appreciate the thorough answers.
    I am just getting apprehensive I may be doing something that will make Bob worse and with these behaviourists saying that putting him down may be an option will most likely be the behaviourists that asses him if a complaint is made. I really want to make progress as fast as possible.
    We live in a small town here when people find out there is a dog that could literally kill their dogs and has already pretty much tried to kill mine, complaints will go in, I can promise you that.
    I don’t know about America but basically here if a dog ‘intimidates’ a person that is grounds for a complaint under the dangerous dogs act.
    That includes obviously him lunging at a dog with a person, definitely trying to kill one and even if a dog runs up to someone that does not know it and they are intimidated.
    Dogs are getting killed over here pretty much just for looking mean (i.e Pit bulls)

    do’s and don’ts:
    I mean are there any specific things that I do that might make him think it’s fight time………. with me.
    I do have no fear but I am edgy with Bob.
    I have spoken at length today with a dude that has kept English bulls for 40 odd years and has a rescue centre purely for them.
    He said to me, ‘If this dog is going to bite you he would have done so by now’
    Is this reliable?
    Bob has been here for nearly 2 weeks.

    How much time should I be spending?
    I was more meaning ‘Am I spending too much time with this dog?’
    I spend a massive proportion of the day with him which is how he has come forward in his obedience amazingly.
    Today he was getting up to something naughty, I said no to him and he sat straight down and all his attention was on me, which was great to see.
    I am worried I am spending TOO much time with him because I feel sorry for him being locked in his Run.
    I’m worried I may be exacerbating his anxiety problem.
    I do know English Bulls and if they don’t get human company they quickly degenerate into self licking machines.
    I am gonna make him one of those springy tug things with garage springs and tugs, is this a good plan?

    I will patiently await your answers dudes and duddettes as Mike has settled my mind a bit with the answers above and also the guy with the rescue centre did as well. I am taking Bob up to him on Monday so he can give me an opinion on whether Bob is nuts or not, I think I will listen carefully to his opinion due to his experience of normal and broken EBT’s.

    Anyway thanks again.

    Edit: read the link on break sticks, I will be getting/making one, thanks. Do many people get bitten whilst using one? Seems a bit short to me.

    Second edit: I just read the link below and it says to twist the stick. does this take much twist? As in how hard is this usually to twist, could most people do it?


    Obviously I am going to do my best to prevent this from ever being needed but Bob may be here for a long time by the looks of it and accidents do occur like if his muzzle came off during an altercation.