• Mathew Vandart

    August 2, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for the advice Mike, again what is a breaking stick.

    I already follow the rules in pack structure and establishing the relationship, this is something i do naturally with my dogs anyway.
    The advice i require really is timetables of exposure for desensitisation more opinions in the way i interact with Bob and the way Bob interacts with dogs from the videos.
    “Do’s and dont’s” with Bob.
    I have been doing obedience from day one, i can get him to sit climb and stay with my Dobermans present and without. I have taught him NO, in fact he is becoming very obedient in and around the yard. I have had him in the kitchen teaching him house rules with and without a muzzle on.
    How often should this dog be muzzled?
    How much time should i be spending with this dog per day?
    Thank you in advance