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  • Mathew Vandart

    July 31, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    OK shit has just got worse.
    I began introducing him to the house today so I got the other dogs in the living room which is2 rooms away divided by two doors.
    He was on a lead and martingale collar.
    I went round the kitchen showing him what he could and could not do for about half an hour which went well.
    I stuffed part of a cow bone chew toy with chicken and kibble and brown bread and gave it to him while I was reading more on the internet to find out what I could do about Bob (on a bull terrier forum) sat at the table with bob on his lead.
    the other dogs crates are in the kitchen also he went into one of these with his bone and immediately ears back tail very low almost between his legs and started whimpering, while he was doing this he was moving around frantically, he was in full throttle fear mode.
    I encouraged him outside the kitchen but remained calm, he was still like buzzing around at the end of the lead, I manoeuvred him into his pen and removed the collar in there.
    this was tricky as he was like I said in some kind of panic state, he has had this bone stuffed before but only in his pen, he carried it around alot and whined a bit but usually settles down to chew it.
    I dared not remove it from his mouth I am pretty sure that would have sent him over the edge.
    I videoed him as I let him cool down.
    I will pegg the video up when it has uploaded.
    Been around dogs for ever, never seen this behaviour before it was fairly scary and my heart rate definitely went up, but remained calm and did what I thought was best.
    Can someone please give me some more help, I fear I am losing this battle very quickly and I don’t want to see him moved on again, it turns out the breeder failed to tell me she has only had this dog since he was 12nmths so who knows what went on before that. To be honest if she had told me this in the first place I would have strongly advised my missus not to even think about taking him on.
    she does however supply me with information when I phone her and ask specific questions.