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  • Mathew Vandart

    July 29, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Here are some more vids of Bob.
    First is me interacting with him just on a quick walk about the garden, he had more lead walks then I left him sniff about.
    What do you think of his body language and interaction?
    What do you think of my interaction with Bob?
    You can see that there is a male GSD in the neighbours garden. Interestingly this dog barked like crazy at the doberman I rehabed and trained here but pretty much doesn’t bark at BOB at all.
    This seems to have been more so since the fight which he witnessed, I don’t know if this is relevant but also the dobermans have been less interactive when they walk past his pen since that time also and they didn’t even witness the fight. Basically there seems to have been a shift in attitude to BOB and maybe from Bob since it all went down. Like for instance he is not so waggy tailed anymore, to anyone. Sure he has his moments but mostly it is like in the beginning of the vid. Neutral to low tail which is still.
    Anyway as they say, lets go to the video……

    This second vid is of all the dogs around bob in his pen.
    I know I have set him up for failure a bit and looking back at the vid he is a bit stressed, but I wanted to gauge What the BOB/Bumpy interaction was likely to go like and see if he/she would react in anyway aggressively under pressure.
    Once he had calmed down I went in his pen apologised for stressing him out and did some obedience, ‘party hat game’ and took him for a long sniff about in the whole garden not just the bits he had already been in, in preparation for his walk around town.
    Any pointers on this vid?
    Both critical and positive would be handy.
    I knew that Bumpy was going to be problematic but she has bite inhibition so she really hasn’t been dealt with properly, you can hear me in the vid telling Kath that her dog needs the same discipline/restraint/calmness/balance whatever you want to call it as my dogs. I am afraid this is a statement I have repeated over and over again.
    It just doesn’t get done, hopefully this has been a wake up call.

    The last vid is of Bob with his muzzle on after he has been for his walk around town, I also ran with him to gauge his reaction/tire him out a bit as Reggie the Doberman I trained/gave life skills to, bit me on the arm when I went running with him on the beach.
    Believe I am more scared of Bob biting me than that 40kilo doby, anyway my fears were unfounded he was just fine, I am pretty sure he has strong human bite inhibition or else I am sure he would have bitten me during the fight.
    Take notice from 2:32 he puts his front paws on one of the Dobermans backs, this is what triggered Bumpies bite.
    I will also finish the sentence when the film ends.
    ‘Kath don’t just stand there like a plum, get them in the kitchen so I can concentrate on calming him down’
    I don’t think she is very good at reading escalation during play and this is how it all came to pass.
    In relation to the fight with Bumpy,I am pretty sure I could have got in there and stopped it escalating if I had been there when it all kicked off.
    In a way it is a blessing in disguise as if they had not had a fight then I would probably have chosen to just integrate him into the pack and he could have kicked off when no one was there.

    Again thoughts and comments on all this info and vids would be greatly appreciated.