• cmc1987

    May 29, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Hey Teresa,
    So your saying exercise her before training sessions?
    And for exercise she plays w a boston bull terrier two/three times a week, for about two/three hrs, and long walks on other days, about an hr walk each time.
    During play time very little commands and training is done. I just manage the two as far as where to play. I.E… Stay in the yard.

    I will work on her motivation. Toys are not the best, do to the fact she is spoiled between my 4 yr old and wife. I do my best to keep them up. I will start w treats this week.
    So correct me if im wrong…1.Exercise, 2.Training, 3.Feeding

    This is my first time doing obedience training. Is it possible to have a safe well mannered family dog that also knows about personal pertection? Obviously I have awhile to go before i make that decision to get her started on that but i would like to know now so i can start when she is ready. My goal is to have a family dog that if the time came, is comfortable and understanding and knowledgable about the situation, and came react accordingly.