• Michael D'Abruzzo

    March 31, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Great Vid! Show’s a lot…

    High wagging tail – this dog is obviously prepared to “get them before they get me”.

    You are doing the right thing by discussing “pack structure”. Now make sure they are taking it seriously and it is a religion for them, because it will be necessary to fix the problem. If this dog thinks he calls the shots in the house, it will make sense to him that he also should be the one worrying when outdoors.

    I would have them master the “climb” command with NO distractions first on a phase 1 collar (such as a martingale). Make sure the dog understands the resistance training part really well.

    After the dog knows all the rules well – switch to a phase 2 collar (such as a herm sprenger prong collar) and practice in low distractions a couple sessions.

    Then, introduce the same scenario, but put the dog on a climb and pull resistance TOWARD the stranger. This train the dog’s muscle to restrain lunging toward the person of focus and put the attention back on a task (the climb being the easiest stay command to start off with). If the dog puts focus back on the handler immediately praise and treat (through the muzzle). keep going back and forth with resistance and treating. If the stranger circles around the dog be sure to circle and pull toward the stranger (not away). Handle the leash well as shown in the videos so that if the dog breaks you can immediately put him back on the platform or whatever object you use.

    Factors to consider:

    – If it seems to hard try to set the dog up for success by having the person circle around from a further distance. Do not push too close in the first session.
    – Be sure that all collars are fitted properly
    – use the muzzle so teh dog does not have the option of biting the leash or protesting
    – Use a treat reward that the dog LOVES. give him a sample taste just before the person arrives so that he knows you have something good.

    If you get to this point let me know how it goes. This dog is mostly feeling vulnerable on the leash so the less restraining the better, so once on the climb make sure the leash is either loose or pulling toward the person.

    If any questions please ask!

    This will give us a baseline as too how difficult this will be to fix and if will need to go to phase 3. Be sure to remain calm and give lots of soothing praise when the dog is doing well.