• Scott Reid

    August 5, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Victoria. It’s awesome that you’re looking into a raw diet.

    When I got my puppy GSD, Sadie, I had two other adult dogs who were on kibble all their lives. With the addition of Sadie, I decided to research diets and came to the conclusion that a raw diet was what I wanted for my dogs. I started with chicken leg quarters. The first few days, my two adult dogs were puzzled. One of them refused to eat and voluntarily fasted 4 days. Sadie took to it right away – no problem. I have been feeding raw for over a year now.

    Initially, I used a commercial frozen raw food company to ensure the diet was complete. However, I was paying nearly $6.00 per pound – very expensive. Over time, I began to source my own raw diet ingredients – whole chickens, beef, tripe, liver, heart, kidney, frozen sardines, eggs, etc… and preparing their diet myself. Since then, I have brought the cost to approximately $1.80 per pound.

    As you research, you’ll learn a lot about the appropriate nutrition and proportions. Preparing the diet yourself does take a couple of hours every other week, so their is an increase cost on your time. Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed this and have learned a lot of tips to optimize their nutrition. My two adult dogs a leaner, suffer from fewer allergy symptoms, and have plenty of energy. I have found Dr. Karen Becker’s articles and videos a great help. Search her name on YouTube if you want to learn more.

    Additionally, I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned if you ever want to discuss a raw diet with me.