• Dave Page

    June 15, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Thanks for the replies and personal reviews on e-collars.

    I got the dogtra 1900s and so far I am impressed. Especially with the battery life. It has been a full week without charging it. 3 full days on standby, and the other 4 days being used a  couple hours a day. Both the transmitter and collar are still registering a full charge.

    The other one I had, apart from being inconsistent on corrections, wouldn’t make it more than a day without needing to be charged.

    Luke will actually yip on an 11, a setting I can barely feel if my arm is wet. A 4-8, which I can’t feel, works well for him when he is calm. Comparing that to the other brand I had, a 1 would sometimes feel like a 20 on this dogtra collar.

    Anyway, so far the dogtra has shown to be consistent on the level of stimulation also.

    I appreciate all the personal feedback and help.