• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    May 21, 2017 at 1:07 am

    Hi Dave, Do you mean by “cat like” your dog as hostile relationship with other dogs and chases them? Reading about your breed of dog I understand it is a herding breed and it may have react on instinct if she wasn’t startle by the Bishon Frise dog. Also a Bishon dog could be difficult for other dogs to realise it’s a dog or to read it’s body language especially when it’s been cut and groom and looks like a powder puff. (I use to have one as it was going to end up homeless). With lack of early socialisation and your dog at the age of adolescent (hormones kicking in and a time period of testing others in their World) could be other contributing factors to your dog not getting along well with dogs. Muzzle may be advisable as her first reaction seem to be offence to attack when an unexpected situation occurs with another dog. It sound like you are doing a great job with her training and of being in the leadership role. Your idea of taking her out with other clients dogs on walks is a really good idea to help further to socialise her with many different dogs as possible. Have you read up about the breed she is?… It seem important this breed does receive earlier socialisation and it will help to explain most of your dog behavior too by what breed type she is.