• Dave Page

    April 30, 2017 at 12:15 am

    Appreciate the recommendations.

    I have diligently been reading reviews, researching collars and think to give the dogtra 1900s a go. It is now just a matter of taking the step to order it. After the last one causing him so much distress I am chagrined. At least I haven’t seen a single review saying dogtras are inconsistent as I did on the last brand I had.

    When we first got it I checked all the variables, trimmed the hair on his neck (thick husky hair), and worked on his escape conditioning, he was doing better than ever for the first week on the lowest level.

    After watching many more videos leerburg finally had one which stated most dogs will react at a level a human can’t even feel.  I take that to mean if I could barely feel it on its lowest level when we first got it, he was probably feeling it really well, After a week or so he was yelping randomly on the lowest level; and on that lowest level it was even hurting me at random intervals.