• Judy B.

    January 4, 2017 at 12:47 am

    I think youre absolulty correct about the hormones changing things after being spayed. I am not sure about that article ive never heard about it. Id be curious about the control in the study. I think a study like that would be very difficult to do based on so many variabilities. Idk how much or how little spaying would increase the aggressivness of the females but i know it would alter hormones for sure. Id be curious to know were all the females the same age when spayed what were the variabilities in the study and details. That would be interesting to read and pick apart and discuss for sure.

    I think any change or chance of variability with temperment you would have if you to for or against spaying wouldnt be enough of a change or impact to base your desision off of solely. As long as you remain a good leader and continue to follow all the leadership rules you will be ok. Understanding of course that being said, she is maturing. I have had both intact and spayed females and intact and neutered males and i can tell you that the relationship between you and her will be more important and will override any effects of spaying or not. Because you do have a good relationship and you have done training and have such great control over her, I would go with mother nature and keep her intact unless a situation arises where it becomes in her best interest to spay her. I think its great to question things, thats how we all learn. I would be interstest in that study more, Ill have to look and see if I can find it anywhere. Its always facinating to read studies like that and pick them apart and discuss. I think you brought a great question to the board. Hope my oppinion helps a little. Its always such a big question and decision, one that once its made is pretty final. I have also known vets to do other types of proceedures now days that do not involve total hysterectomys.