• Judy B.

    December 28, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Dogs, animals, people go through stages of growth and developement. Hormones play a key role of growth and development throughout different stages. Without the proper balance of hormones growth and developement will ultimately be hindered in some way. The effect of that on an animal can cause side effects and troubles down the road. If you have a dog, especially a large dog, and the dog isnt given the time to grow and develope as genetics and nature intended you are stunting the growth of bones, joints and so on. As a puppy you may not see the effects but long term you can see effects of skelatal issues, poor joints, unproportined body, weight gain…I too have worked full time at a vet for over 13 years and see way more cons to it than pros. Yes there are situations where spaying or neutering is in the dogs best interest but if you ask my oppinion they are far and few between. I myself would not get a premature mastectomy for the chance that i may one day get breast cancer. I will although take care of myslef and if one was ever needed would consider it. I would not remove my childs thyroid or sex organs for fear of cancer or reproduction. I would however take my child for screening and well doctor visits to make sure their health is up to par.I do the same for my dog. I have allowed my dog to fully grow and mature so that his heath and organs have had a change to fully develope. I chose to not neuter my dog for various reasons mostly becuase i feel its in his best interst. I am a responsible dog owner so I dont worry about him impregnating another dog and I will manage his heath as he continues to grow as as I feel is in his best interest. This is just my personal oppinion on the subject. Yes I too have seen the dogs with pyos who have needed surgery and and I have also seen 2 different dogs that belonged to the same owners not of the same blood lines get prostate cancer. After the first dog had passed, as the vet suggested the second one was neutered young right away, this did prevent testicular cancer, but it didnt prevent the prostate cancer. You can prevent any cancer by removing an organ but that doesnt mean we should just go around removing organs cause we can.

    Yes sometimes there is a reason to….a very aggressive dog that the owners are asking for help becuase they cant control the aggression, yes that would now be in the dogs best interest to help reduce some testosterone to maybe help make things more managable so the dog doesnt get into any more trouble. The dog has a health issue that warrents a hysterctomy or castration, ok. Im not saying I havent or wouldnt but I believe its in a dogs best interst to at least wait until its fully grown if at all.

    As for raw food, I know vets that are all for and use raw diet and those that are against it. Dogs do not have the same gastrointestinal tract as we do, wild dogs and animals in general do not cook their food. I have used dry, wet, and raw food for pets of mine. I personally am hapoiest woth feeding my dog raw. It does well in it becuause it is as nature intended. Off subject of dogs but I had a cat the vomited every time she ate she couldnt hold anythibg down, i did ultrasounds, xrays blood work on her, nothing appeared wrong…the internist said try giving her raw food….never had a digestion problem again. Because its as nature intends.

    I feel people should do their researce and weigh tge pros and cons of things for their pets. Think of it if it was you or your child. We have to be our pets best advocate and do what we feel is in theor best interest.

    Like I said that is just my feeling on tbe subject. You will get contraditing articles no matter what you look up. Just learn the facts, weigh the pros and cons, love yoir dogs and it should guide you to tbe best decisions.