• Judy B.

    August 28, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    You did it! This is definitely the way to respond. If you have a new topic just start a new forum or see if there is all ready one started with the same topic that you can insert your own question into. I’m glad you are finding the info helpful. If you read the reasons behind the leadership and the potential side effects, it really does make a lot of sense doesn’t it 🙂
    Its great you are on the right track with the food and the going outside. It’s very important to help prevent bossy behavior and the other side effects listed under the leadership category.  Try to get into a routine for everything else as well.  It’s very important for resting places, play and affection as well.  An entitled dog can lead to bossy behavior, over protective behavior, and other various side effects that you can read on the leadership section. After you change some things,  go back and re read the leadership section again and see if there is anything more you can improve on. Once you start establishing a good relationship with the dog it will make training easier. Remember were not taking anurging away from our dogs, we’re not depriving them of love and affection and other resources, we are simply proving the same amount of everything we know they need, just on our own terms and not letting them telling us when they need it. As good providers we should know about how much love, affection, play, food a dog needs and be able to provide it on a good schedule. Making a dog’s life predictable and consistent will make things a lot easier and more enjoyable for you and the dog. Let me know if you have any questions about how to adjust what you’re doing now and start the phase 1 videos at home in low or distraction environments. This will start to teach her what the words actually mean and the response you are looking for. Always remember to praise her when she does well!! If she doesn’t do well no need to scold her or anything. …all you need to do is withhold the reward from her, this could be the treat, affection, anything that she is motivated for.

    It is a process but when starting things off following the steps you can’t go wrong teaching your dog. When you skip steps, that’s when you will find holes in the training.

    Keep reading, knowledge is the first step to anything new!!!