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  • Judy B.

    July 10, 2016 at 8:19 am

    Hi! So all of the garbage picking and chewing up toulet paper goes under housebreaking. If you wabt to make sure ahe doesn’t destroy these things while you are not there…after you have set her up for sucess initally, you may start to use the dog god. The dog god will ensure that she doesn’t destroy things while you are away, and not only when you are there. You have to be very creative with setting her up for failure at this point. Set up little traps that you know she will want to get to…leave the house or room and peak through a window…when she goes to destroy the things….you can give her annoying corrections on the remote …until she stops. Remember tge remote should always be used as escalating corrections. Meaning start out at the lowest you think she will notice first…and escalte as needed to be motivational enough for her to stop. Doing things this way will ensure that she doesnt have the connection with you correcting her and she will know even if you are not around the correction can still happen. This way its not an accociation with you.

    I have a large pen for my dog that i put him in when i go to work because it makes me feel more comfortable because I have a cat and Orfeo has been known to eat little furry animals outside.

    I got mine off of amazon, the hospital security dog that you will see the news post for on the site has one too. His owner also loves it becausehe has cats too. Both of our dogs have knock on wood been saf in it. My dog go nuts jumping all over it when the cat has walked by to tease him, so i know its sturdy, I have not had an issues in over 2 years with it.

    I will see if i can send a pic and a link.