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  • Ryan Lugo

    July 31, 2023 at 2:58 am

    I think the 5 and 7 minute marks were the strongest part of your instruction and I loved that belly rub at the end as a reward! I like how you explained in the beginning “this is raw unedited video, this is what a real training session looks like with my own dog” this allows audience to see what they should try doing. I actually don’t mind your video being 9 minutes long to show raw footage. It shows a realistic example of how to make a training session a lot of fun! However, I do think you could cut some of the filler out that is not related to fading especially in the beginning. Try to get to the point right away! Or maybe show filler parts at the end of the video . You could say “Now here is an example of how I use play, toys or affection as a reward doing the same fading exercise.

    I think this video will appeal to other shepherd owners or to people with dogs similar to yours that have a strong play and prey drive. However, I think most of your viewers will just be trying to do the exercise with food alone first or with a dog that does not have that much motivation or drive. So imagine from their perspective; maybe you could divide the video in half showing the difference of both ways. One example with treats and then another example with toys after. I really liked the ‘raw footage’ style in this video though.