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  • Barbara Sobotka

    June 27, 2023 at 10:35 am

    I like the tips for making instructions, especially “short” and “easy” as for a 10-year-old. The focus on constructive criticism from others to determine if something needs to be improved is great too. This is an excellent criterion to verify the affordability of these instructions, and at the same time a way to improve them.

    I really like you break down the process of teaching a dog into such small steps. After reviewing your file, I will redo the descriptions I currently use and improve them.

    In “Using Positive Marker” part there is “To install and practice good timing in our reward system.” The purpose of this exercise, in my opinion, is to teach the dog that when praise occurs is up to his decision. By doing so, the dog begins to associate the praise (and treat) with the behavior just presented and begins to strive to repeat the situation, for example dog sits to hear “good boy” and get the snack. Good timing is a new ability needed at this lesson. I would rather put timing in the next column, unless I misunderstand its meaning.

    I’m very interested to see what your descriptions of the next steps will look like. It is clear that you have put a lot of work into it and that you are very scrupulous about every detail of the training, which I like very much.

    Michael D'Abruzzo