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  • Ryan Lugo

    February 22, 2023 at 12:52 am

    I went to grooming school in utah. they use cesar millan’s “Dog Psychiatry” as an example. he used to be a groomer. but basically they taught us to use hand pressure and compulsion techniques to keep he dogs calm. they taught us to apply hand pressure when the dog starts fighting and kicking and release the pressure when the dog stops resisting. they also teach us to do tiny “bites” with the clippers or scissors or nail trimmer or dremmel. this means buzz a little or trim a little then release, trim again then release! so the dog feels comfortable because we are giving the dog a tiny rest every time they stop fighting. the dog learns to respond to the hand pressure and stay calm.

    i have seen personally how this helps. Most groomers just “man handle” their dogs instead of being patient and taking breaks. the school also uses a choke chain to walk a energetic dog first before starting the groom. once the dog is following instead of walking in front then they start the groom. i know foundation style doesnt do this type of walking. leash pumps are used instead of choke chain method. my grooming instructor also owns horses and trains a zorse and that is her experience for animal training. looking back i am thinking this choke chain step is unnecessary. we can find other ways to establish leadership for grooming. i will have to see how marina does it.

    Marina Darling Zeitler