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  • Cyndi Cross

    January 28, 2023 at 7:47 am

    Hi Marina. I struggle with the same need (“obligation”) to explain myself to others about my actions or the personal decisions I make for my own edification.

    You’ve made a personal and (in IMHO) wise decision to join K9-1, for your benefit as a trainer, and for the health & well-being of your dog’s & client dogs; and we welcome you here. You, and any dog you train, will only benefit from the education you receive from Mike, and the wisdom & experience of the other trainers here.

    I left a DT community from England and have had to unlearn some pretty harmful/dangerous training techniques. And while it was mostly money wasted – it turned into a valuable life lesson to not, out of desperation, get swept away by a slick presentation in a webinar.

    In addition to the great educatiin I’m receiving at K9-1 – I am also learning that not every decision made for my, or my dogs’ benefit, requires an explanation (thank you, Allie). Sometimes all that’s needed is a determined spirit & a graceful retreat. Walk away, shake the dust off & don’t look back.

    The APDT won’t bend to your explanation of what they’ve misinterpreted (re: LIMA); and they won’t end their quest to ban the use of certain tools, either. So … just my opinion … focus your attention toward furthering your education; immerse yourself in this community & rest in the knowledge that you’ve found an amazing dog training “home.” I think you’ll find yourself time & wisdom ahead in the end.