• Ryan Lugo

    January 27, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    I like how you offer social classes with your client’s private training. Where I live in Utah one challenge is; it is very cold and it is a big motivation killer! Not just for dog training but for everything in general, unless people are into winter sports. but for the most part people are lazy and want to stay indoors and cozy up to the fire. (me included).

    That is the advantage of having an indoor training facility (which I dont have) but I like your newsletter and private online group idea! One thing I have done is invite past clients to train with me again at a park when I am training a new dog. But for the most part I find motivating them difficult. Most of my clients have busy work schedules or they just wanted a “problem” fixed then they’re done or they just wanted basic training and that’s it. Most of them dont see the value in a leather or biohane leashes either even though I hype them up. If I find a ”rich client” they will buy he biothane leash. but starmark collars have been a success with my clients so far.

    Note: i have only been in business since April 2022 . but wil be moving to southern cali this spring.