• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    February 7, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Unfortunately with my large male GSD, the second trainer who came to help me with controlling his guarding was using “quick fixes” of the e-collar and I didn’t feel right about it as I felt that it was my dog’s natural instinct coming out of him to guard. I decided to go to a club unaware at the time the methods of training were for sport dogs. Their training involved prey development where my dog learned when he barked he could control the decoy by making him move – then he was taught to do the obedience commands (sit, down, ok for the bite) and to carry sleeve back to car. The problem was he started to become aggressive with the decoy, spitting the sleeve and wanting to take him out. The trainer stopped my dog’s training there and said he had too much defence drive and I was better off leaving him at home. That didn’t help me much as I still needed to be the one controlling him instead of him making the decisions threatening all outsiders that came near me, our home or the car. I started to do some research and came across your video and put that into practice of  sending him to the place, etc that did solve my problem with him at home with visitors or workmen. Sadly, he now has DM (degenerative myelopathy) and won’t be with us for much longer.

    The link “ccprotectiondogs” did you watch their videos? The obedience and the  off leash bitework of targeting the weapon hand was very impressive for a dog where he says he does no e-collar training. My female dog fights more like the way he mentioned in the training section under the “best protection dogs” using more her front teeth and biting wherever she wants to. I do have videos off her training and will post them in my training journal to help you with your guidance of our training. Your  training journal will provide a valuable service in helping me in expanding her training… there isn’t many dog trainers here in AU who know anything about training protection dogs.  I look forward to starting my journal as per your recommendation.