• Dave Page

    March 14, 2022 at 10:21 am

    Your statement “never want your dog to have to advocate for herself” with brief explanation would be an awesome one.

    Thinking snippets probably have to be longer than 30 seconds.

    (Sat watching pack movement, and patterns for a while this morning. Would be neat to observe more often how they condense, reconnoiter, search, call one another, and regroup if they hadn’t gotten/wouldn’t get so dangerous.

    Searched for calf, tried to separate one from momma but cows called each other and grouped closer, and deciding they were out matched this go round.

    At least none found way through my fence today.

    If pattern continues they’ll be back day after tomorrow.)

    Trying to figure direction they may live. Heading out at different times and different directions. Don’t think all belong to same people.