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  • Dave Page

    March 12, 2022 at 9:46 am

    I should have said the punishment portion of the article isn’t recommended. That can create a Chet type dog who’s always stressing it’s going to get in trouble, and going into defensive mode. FSDT all the way. My fault.

    Each is going to be an individual and have to work with it based on that.

    Micro-lessons incorporated in the play. Pre-Mack city!

    Playing tug example: an out, a quick sit, even if just couple seconds then a release to continue. Gradually extend the time.

    First couple months with mine obedience training was all incorporated into play, none was traditional obedience due to the energy.

    Gotta think outside the box. Something might try that worked with one of mine to burn off energy and as bonding exercise:

    Once had him doing a decent down would walk off (5 yards in beginning to 15 yards to 100 yards) give a “come” command and start running. Once he caught up we would run a bit more, stop and lots of praise, or run and grab a tug and go into tug play. Repeat. Several sprints like that throughout the day burns some energy.

    Try to set them up for success by watching body language and give the come command before they would come out of the down