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  • Dave Page

    March 8, 2022 at 6:30 pm

    If working with a high drive hunting line, not familiar with dog breed you have, some hunting breeds need time to settle in and bond.

    My curs need a couple weeks as puppies. If older need quite a bit longer.

    Play works well.

    Need to a semi-solid idea of end goal then figure a way to incorporate the beginning parts of your goals into the play session.

    For One of mine was to bring carry things for me. (Bring squirrel or whatever to me) Started with play sessions with picking up objects being ready to catch as soon as it was dropped and praising for it, quickly progressing to doing same with my shoes, and having move farther distance. I switched what we were working on often during a session.

    I use a philosophy that every interaction, play, petting, etc with a puppy is training and proceed accordingly.

    They also need lots of mental stimulation.

    Like I said not familiar with your breed it could be the intensity of exercise and amount of mental stimulation may not be enough for it which I see you mentioned.

    Maybe a food filled kong to get it to settle?

    Most hunting line dogs that use sight as well as Nose are rather impulsive, ready to go at a moment’s notice, and some have been known to go until they drop/run themselves to death. 12 +hrs baying a hog is a long time.

    Maybe I provided you with some useable information.