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  • Cyndi Cross

    February 21, 2022 at 3:48 pm

    OK. Finally getting back to this! I’m so sorry that it’s taken me so long to get back to this. Our cross country move got pushed out to mid April – but, we now have a solid move-in date, a house to move into as soon as we get to Cali, set up new renters for our landlord here in STL, and I’ve gotten a decent start on my packing – but I have sooooo much more left to do. 😯🙃

    Ladies, as always, thank you SO MUCH for your input & suggestions on my situation. I can’t tell you how much your different viewpoints help me.

    I’ve had the muzzles for almost a couple of weeks, and finally have a little more time to actually really start working on Lacey with them. I’m not expecting a return trip to the vet at least until after Dr. C gets back to the clinic in March. Lacey will not be seeing Dr F again – I won’t allow it. But, @Allie I’ll start working with Lacey on a comfortable restraint hold as well. I think I’ve got a good one, but I wouldn’t actually know unless/until I’m in a similar situation again. I will play with it and work with her a bit to perfect it. [In other news, working with putting the drops in her ears, and treating her between ears has worked out very well. I only have to put the drops in for another day or two, and I’m really proud of how well she’s done. She doesn’t like getting the drops – but she loves getting cookies more – so that’s a small win that I’ll take.

    I am also going to start working toward conditioning Lacey to the nail trimming. We’ve taken her to a groomer not far away to clip her nails in the past, but I honestly would like to learn to do it; and I think I should. I just wish I’d started sooner when she was smaller – but I didn’t join K9-1 until she was 9 months old. I hope to do a little conditioning & maybe trim (initially) a nail a day until I need to trim them again – then I’ll build on it.

    @broccoli , I liked your thoughts on tolerance. I copied everything off and will be rereading & letting things really soak in while I work toward conditioning Lacey with the muzzle, vet visits (as we’ll be getting started with a new doctor in a new state), nail clipping, restraint holds – everything.

    Anyway, y’all are the best – and I so appreciate your support & encouragement!