• Mack Cook

    January 2, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    here is the link a short info on hecs, and link to friend herder check out quirt.

    Electrical Energy in Humans and What It Means for Outdoor Recreation
    Electricity dominates our life, even before humans discovered how to use it for technological advancements. The majority of species on earth generate electricity. It’s how our bodies function. So, what does this mean for outdoor recreation? It’s a detail that’s overlooked, but what if wild animals are still sensing your presence, even if you’ve masked your scent and concealed yourself well?

    Read on to learn more about bioelectricity and how to block the human electric field so that you can further enjoy your outdoor experience.

    What is Bioelectricity?
    It’s true. The human body produces electricity. However, it’s not in the same way electricity flows when you flip your light switch. That type of electricity is generated by electrons (negatively charged particles) flowing through a current. The human body produces electricity chemically. This is done mostly through positively charged ions such as potassium, calcium and sodium.

    All of our bodily functions are controlled by the electrical signals that are generated in our body. As a refresher, remember that everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons (positive charged), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (neutral charge). When these get out of balance, this will dictate whether the atom is positively charged or negatively charged. Additionally, when an atom makes a switch between one charge to the other, this lets the electrons flow from atom to atom. This is what we call electricity. Our bodies are made up of massive amounts of atoms, which means we generate electricity.

    You’ve heard about your nerves sending signals to the brain. Well, this is done through electrical impulses carrying messages from point A to point B. Instead of a wire sending an electrical current, your body generates electricity through its cells. This means an electrical charge jumps from one cell to another. This happens fast, and you understand how fast. Think about one of the times you stubbed your toe and how instantly you felt the pain. That electrical pulse went from your toes to your brain in an instant.

    This is a basic understanding of how electricity runs through our bodies. It controls all of our bodily functions, from pain signals to muscle movement and more..https://hecsllc.com/about-hecs/electrical-energy-in-humans/