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  • Dave Page

    November 16, 2021 at 9:47 am

    One of the things I did in the beginning was sit with them in parking lots, Ace is one who needed it the most, rewarding calm/proper behavior.
    He got where people even leaned against the truck and he wouldn’t react.

    Socialization through obedience training in businesses that allowed it, and all the environments I could.
    Looking back my mistake’s leaving him on his own in the truck while I went in a store yet he can be seen.

    Dawned on me; even though dark, and mirror tinting is illegal, if I could find removable window shades so people can’t see in “Out of sight, out of mind” scenario. Gonna look in to it. Maybe it’d help. Either that or they gonna have to stay home. These guys don’t take change very well. Breaking the patterns and Having to leave them at home so much lately I think is one of the reasons for their some of their acting out past couple months.