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  • Dave Page

    November 15, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    If it’s warm weather usually leave truck running and a/c on unless I’m within sight. Used to clip them to truck on 15 foot lead, but had to stop that as well. Seen as open invitation to pet.

    (Funny story, and valuable lesson for me from few years back.

    Was working on pressure washing a cabin in bfe. Had Chet with me letting him run cause he won’t get far from me, deadend road, fall weather, no rented cabins close. I ran out of gas. When I got gas can out my truck guy standing in back of his pickup across the road asked me to come over. He owned cabin he was parked at and decided to make a trip up. When I called Chet to a heel the guy flew back into bed of his truck.

    He had tried to come over where I was, said he saw working dog signs, and dog but thought they were just show. 😂 Chet never bit him, but bayed him back, then laid down behind my work truck to watch him.

    Man didn’t say, and i don’t recall asking how long he had been in the back of his pickup waiting for me. He said I hit your dog, but he stopped when I got back past middle of road.

    But I guess he wasn’t going to take chance.)

    I’m 50+, almost always had a dog, and never had to deal with what experiencing now.

    I probably just need to accept, for now it is what it has become, tourist area is no longer compatible/safe area to carry my dogs with me. May not be fair to the dogs who are used to going several times week but safer for them.

    At livestock auction last week, out of 60+ vehicles 10 or so had dogs either in trailers, back of pickups, or in cab. No one paid attention to them.

    I’ve had occasional issues over the years but not more than I could tolerate. Our State never shut down, and people from areas that did lock down flocked in, and with it came more provocation towards my dogs, more close calls than I could tolerate.

    Edit: dogs are considered personal property here and last I looked illegal to break out a window to get them and we can legally have dogs in front.

    My lesson: Signs don’t mean nothing to some folk so plan accordingly. 😂