• Dave Page

    November 3, 2021 at 8:50 pm

    I got an airhorn coming to see if it helps. First run of the season was too wild for my comfort. Really hate to use pepper spray with owners so close as last ended being.

    Raw unedited.

    Has shown where need to do more work. Mostly training myself. Mine seem to loose patience after a few close calls. We had more close calls than normal.

    Many moved during the summer took couple dog packs with them.

    I got complacent, and wasn’t as prepared as should have been. Ended up being unprofessional.

    Some dogs have been added on the normal route I didn’t know about who don’t know what’s up. Mine did very well the first, and second close call.

    I never spoke to my dogs during it.

    Out of habit all the “no’s” were being directed at the one charging us trying to break its focus. Mine knew what to do and held their ground to let me deal once I jumped off to confront the dog. (He charged out from behind a vacant house hyper focused on my dogs and silent. I don’t think it ever saw me until I threw my phone at it and physically got in the way.) Third not on video was way too close for comfort. It Dodged the leashes I use to whip out to keep dogs back, even trying to bolo its legs, and it kept coming.