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  • Dave Page

    October 11, 2021 at 11:01 am

    Post is mainly, organizing in my mind, new knowledge with my experiences, and As stated I’m open to critique/correction and discussion.

    Using pack drive to shape certain behaviors is as LIMA as on can get.

    Take Ace’s carrying things for me. Common method to train some retrievers is to start with forced holds.

    It was so much easier to get his interest in it through playful interaction because of the pack bond.

    As for the release commands: If we know there is a potential we may eventually do protection training with a dog why use “free,” or “ok” command?

    If aggression is a continuum with fear drive on one end and offensive on the opposite end somewhere in the middle would be prey drive/ tug play. If we knew we might want to do protection work later using the same command (many use pasoff) for both tug play, and later protection work should also help the dog generalize through the aggressive drive.

    If the command is conditioned properly during tug play, especially if starting at a young age, the conditioned response should send them into the aggressive drive once the command is given.