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  • Judy B.

    August 25, 2021 at 10:18 pm

    Great job! I think you’re delivery was good. As far as any feedback, I think it could potentially throw people off at the 6:30ish mark. In the beginning of the tutorial you say we dont use correction in phase 1. And you say it again at the end, but around the 6:30 mark you said this would be good to “show the correction”. now I COMPLETELY understood you, and what you meant by that, but it potentially confuse people. I know I watched and said wait…she just said this would be good to show the correction….but before she said we don’t use correction. Super nit picky and minor and like I said I know what you meant and most people will also. But there’s always the one that could be confused. You were otherwise very clear and I understood what you were saying well. You mentioned that the dog should understand the sit as a position and the down before doing push up, I noticed you were using the “free”, should the dogs understand the “free” prior to this as well? Good job. Keep up the good work. I think it is a great video ….im only nit picking because it was posted for feedback😊 good job!