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  • Dave Page

    May 5, 2021 at 1:12 am

    It has been interesting to observe.

    I wouldn’t have thought it to add such a stress to a dog to have another mark in territory they see as their home, and have had to themselves for years. Off turf mine are rather nonchalant about it.

    Two videos I posted under urban mushing I had to run dogs off both times when we got to front half of our property.

    I cut it, and also quite a bit of their wanting to remark out of the footage. Luke whining was combination of him wanting to mark, and engage them. Mostly though wanting to mark. I didn’t get it all cut out.

    Best I can describe: It creates an anxiousness in mine.

    If I turn one loose they will run to the front half and start marking.

    Let them do it for 30-60 minutes or so and they are good until they catch new marks from other dogs, or one comes to try and challenge them.