• Judy B.

    April 17, 2021 at 9:02 am

    Thats a great suggestion from Allie. Depending on how controllable the sound is….for example if it’s something you can hit and have small quick short bursts of sound and it’s not something that is so close to the area where the dogs you need to deter would be to hear and get used to it……you may even be able to condition your own dogs to the sound of it so they themselves don’t get too freaked out when and if they do hear it. Quick burst of its sound ….treat the dog right away. Even if that’s not possible, this is for emergency purposes so you would always want to take into consideration if the pros outweigh the cons…do the pros of deterring a potential threat outweigh the cons of the possibility of startling your own dogs….to me, in an emergency, yes, as long as your own dogs are not able to flee from you and run away or into more danger if startled, absolutely. I think an airhorn is a feasible option.