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  • Allie Dellosa

    April 16, 2021 at 2:50 am

    Here are 10 quick things that I try to practice currently. I’m sure they could be worded more professionally but these are my first thoughts 🙂

    1) Transparency regarding training outlines and guarantees. Client goals are reviewed and I explain the potential training options and possibilities. Results depend on client follow through and investment. I promise to give to 100% and always seek out answers to questions I don’t have, through this forum (that they are given a briefing on during our consultation), and to provide safe and controlled learning opportunities for them and their dogs. I am forthcoming about the training during consultations regarding: tools, attitude, what training with me will be like, and what it wont be like. I want people to sign up because they feel comfortable and hopeful, not rushed and desperate.

    2) Only utilize tools I fully understand, that are safe for the dog and handler team, and that have been qualified as FSDT appropriate.

    3) Principals before sales. I cannot place inappropriate expectations or speed above the respect the dog’s deserve during training, even if it means losing a client.

    4) Treat every person coming to me with training needs with respect and compassion. (Something I hope to refine more as I keep learning not to be judgmental….sometimes its easy for me to forget my mistakes), while respecting their privacy and trust.

    5) Safety, management, and containment systems will be out lined and implemented to set the dog and family up for safe success.

    6) Be a source of education rather than opinion for things like: health care, nutrition, parasite control etc. I want to help my clients be educated advocates for their dogs, so I will send them material and research for them to utilize to make choices for their dogs.

    7) I will not engage in putting down other trainers, organizations, or go down the social media hole. #GOODBACTERIA Differences in systems can be explained in a matter of factually, if needed, and clients can make educated choices on what they prefer.

    8) Respect and explain local dog laws. Off Leash training does not equal leash law bypass, nor is it always safe.

    9) Training journals will help us have communication, record progress, and not skip steps.

    10) I will be honest with clients regarding their dogs, questions etc. of course this is always important but I was thinking about a rescue that used to send me referrals, of course I love the referrals and working to help dogs have successful transitions into forever homes, but I could not sugar coat the safety concerns and/or lifestyle requirements these dogs entailed and a couple dog’s were returned as a result. I lost the referral flow from the rescue but gained referrals from the clients.

    Sorry if this is rambly guys, felt a bit of stage fright putting this up….progress not perfection I suppose 🙂

    Kim James