• Dave Page

    April 15, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    I’m at a loss considering I want to start training. We’re a rural area with no containment or leash laws unless a dog has been legally deemed dangerous or aggressive this my reply to your post in code of conduct.

    The dogos were the closest call and bit of surprise. I had no idea anyone in our area had any. Fist time actually seeing any in person. I do know they meant business.

    Multiple breeds and mixed breeds.

    Many of the owners live far enough off the road they likely couldn’t even hear their dogs if they are inside. One owner lives close enough he saw and I call him if he is home to let him know so he can put his dogs up.

    It’s more than him. For a 2 mile run one direction there are 10 residents 8 of which have multiple dogs ranging from 2 to 7 dogs.

    That’s not counting packs we occasionally run across ranging across fields from residents in directions I don’t go a mile away. Seeing them recently chase someones dog across field behind my house is what prompted my post as well as your post in code of conduct where I stated we have had 2 people killed in past couple years in my section of the county, within 10 miles of us but different “townships” by free ranging packs of dogs.

    It was an issue, but really just started becoming a problem for us past 6-8 months or so.

    I’ve held off getting and using paint balls despite court liaison telling me to go for it even though it wouldn’t physically harm them because it wouldn’t look good with me wanting to go in to training, or make for a good community relations.

    I know the sheriffs department here has used paint balls in the past for dogs chained to a front door if they are serving a warrant to prevent killing the dogs.