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  • Dave Page

    February 12, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    Good job. She has cross step for turns decent, which isn’t a natural movement for dogs.

    An observation from carting.

    I noticed her first turn seemed inordinately awkward, and saw the swing of the spreader bar lifting up on her haunches on its upswing while she is simultaneously trying to plant her foot down is possibly stressing her hips. If you slow it down and zoom in I think you can see what I refer to.

    Perhaps the tighter turn while moving almost as fast as wider turns caused it to swing more.

    Could try adjusting the loin strap shorter so it doesn’t pull her hips on tight turns and/or setting a bungee so the spreader bar doesn’t swing as much or shorten the traces bringing her closer to the spreader bar as in the video below. Tighter the turn the harder it is due cross stepping.

    If you do it enough you will be able to tell by her step if something is out of adjustment. Experiment with adjustments until she walks as normally as she would without the harness. Each of mine has a different preference on how they like the harness adjusted to maximize their enjoyment and pulling efficiency.

    Familiarization of cross-stepping, and can see a good adjustment of the loin girt.