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  • Judy B.

    September 7, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Taylor! Great job! Dont forget when you are walking with your dog to give lots of feedback. Talk to your dog, praise your dog, sing to your dog lol…..let your dog know he’s doing a good job. They do well when positive feed back is given. Sometimes they go through the motions but aren’t quite sure if they are really doing the right thing unless we tell them or get board unless we keep it enjoyable for them. They feed off our energy and we want them to be relaxed and not worry when they are doing well.  Something that might also be helpful is watching the leash ninja video. Leash pumps work best when there is constant steady pressure on the leash and then pumps. Sometimes if there isn’t constant steady pressure our pumps can become bounces….when there is bounce in the leash the dog actually gets moments where the correction stops and they get a moment of a break so to speak from it. Steady pressure and constant annoying pumps might get him to turn around a little quicker next time then add lots of exciting praise and love. You did a really great job!  Especially since the leash you have isn’t easy to pump with, it might be worth it to look into a leather or biothane leash as it will make pumping and leash handling much easier and smoother for you.. I liked that you praised him when he tured around and you gave him feedback. Timing is everything,  make sure the second he even turns his head or looks at you you give him praise right away….dont forget we can absolutely use variable high value rewards when they have accomplished something that is very difficult for them or something they really would rather not do. If he does something big, let him know it….increase the reward even if its just the tone of your voice or the excitement for the accomplishment or lots of hands on love! Those were great videos! Keep up the good work! And keep the videos coming!