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  • Arthur Lopatin

    September 3, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Hi, Taylor

    What I see is an excited puppy who loves you a lot doing what puppies do. It looks normal to me, even the peeing. The peeing could be pure excitement. That depends, at least partially, on how long he’s had to hold it in.  Some questions:  How old is he? How long have you had him? Who did you get him from? How long has he been crated when you get home? Do you, or someone else, take him out to pee just before you leave? Are you on a regular feeding and drinking schedule with him? Is anyone else at home during the day or is it just the two of you? Is the crate small (and without a soft blanket or pad) because you want to discourage him from peeing in it? Have you worked on Sit and Down with him? Is so, do you think he has a good Phase 1 Sit? Are you keeping a Habitation Chart?  What are your goals for you and Nugget, going forward? Is it realistic/possible for you to come home and take him out as soon as you get home? I mean, just let him out, ignore the jumping as much as you can, clip a leash on right away and get him out of the house BEFORE he pees. (Even if he does pee, I’m wondering if maybe, after a few days, he doesn’t figure out that he’s gonna get a chance to pee very soon after you get home, and even sooner if he does not waste your time by jumping all over you. Then you could take him out to pee and do a little bit of training, maybe focus on Sit.

    My big thoughts, for now: If you look at it from Nugget’s point of view, what he’s doing is perfectly natural. Puppy energy. Like kids released from school at 3PM. The pee might be annoying, but if it’s not health-related — i really doubt it is — ya just gotta wipe it up :-). (I’ve wiped up a LOT of puppy pee — and poop — in my time, let me tell you.) I hope you’re not getting angry at him. Easy to do. I’ve been there.

    I’m wondering if it might help, for now, to manage the problem if you used an X-Pen with puppy pee pads for a while, til we get a better handle on the situation. But I’m unsure, til i get some more info. People do do that with young puppies. I’m not sure how old Nugget is.

    Here are two links that I think are relevant, in case you haven’t seen them already:

    Also, I strongly suggest that you review Mike’s lectures on Habitation and on Anxiety in the Intro Course.

    Also, if you have any more vids re: you and Nugget, that’d be great.

    If/when I find more info that might help you, I’ll post it here. Any way I can help you, pls let me know.

    All the best and have fun!




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