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  • Dave Page

    June 17, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Every evening been going out a standing at the fence watching the hogs. Lexi has of course been trying to get through the fence.

    When we would get close I would tell her to talk to them. Stand for a while tell her that was enough and we would walk away.

    Lexi finally laid down this evening watching me and waiting for the word.

    Realizing I would be able to call her off if it started to go south called her in to a heel and we walked into the pen away from the hogs. When she was no longer trying to break heel I released her and didn’t let her engage until I gave the word.

    She did excellent. No linger trying to grab and avoiding the mouth.

    Hogs won’t bother the pup.

    Also discovered using carting direction variant speeding up learning for directional command.

    Ace still has a ways to go.