• Dave Page

    September 3, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    Something I noticed in your video (2019-08-28 Navy sound reactivity) When he reacts he gets rewarded with petting. He is getting rewarded for the very  behavior you want extinguished.

    It’s similar to those who accidentally train a dog to be afraid of thunder, and loud noises by trying to comfort them. It has the opposite effect.

    Another thing which might help if you can acclimate your dog safely to it.

    Not knowing your dog don’t know how much activity he needs to be calm and have a sense of fulfillment: Some, with high energy working dogs, have been having success in turning a walk into more strenuous activity, making the dog feel more involved in the activity with weighted vests.

    Some dogs need several hours of activity a day, and the vests helps make the activity more strenuous physically, and mentally giving the dog a “job”. A tired dog is usually a better dog.